North Dakota Bucket List ~ Central Region

Today we move to the region Andrew and I are most familiar with due to him spending his younger years growing up in this region!


  • Camp Hancock State Historic Site: Located along Main Street, this was a military establishment built to protect work gangs and assist in the railroad building.
  • Chief Looking’s Village: Historic archeological site with great river views.
  • Dakota Zoo: Fun little zoo that will provide a few hours of fun.
  • Double Ditch Indian Village State Historic Site: Site of earth lodge village inhabited by the Mandan Indians.
  • Keelboat Park: Riverside trail with replica of keelboat.
  • McDowell Dam Recreation Area: Lake area near the dam that also has a nature trail.
  • North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum: Beautifully remodeled this building houses several different “wings” of history.
  • North Dakota State Capitol: One of the taller state capitol buildings in the US. The views from the top are very nice!
  • Steamboat Park: Park along the river that details history of steamboats.


  • Lake Metigoshe State Park: Located in the Turtle Mountains near the U.S./Canada border.
  • Mystical Horizons: North Dakota’s Stonehenge and a beautiful spot to watch the sunset.
  • Tommy Turtle Statue: Check out this large turtle riding a snowmobile!

Devils Lake

  • Grahams Island State Park: Located on the ever changing shores of Devils Lake, this is a very wooded area.


  • International Peace Garden: Straddling the U.S./Canada order, these garden grounds are beautiful!
  • W’eel Turtle: Turtle made out of wheel rims.

Fort Totten

  • Fort Totten State Historic Site: Military post that became a boarding school for Native American children.


  • Fort Seward Interpretive Center: Fort was built to guard the building of the railroad and the site contains North Dakota’s largest American flag.
  • Frontier Village and World’s Largest Buffalo: Explore an replica of an “old West” town and stand in the shadow of the World’s Largest Buffalo.
  • National Buffalo Museum and Herd: Learn everything you ever needed to know about buffalo and maybe spot the white buffalo in the herd!


  • Menoken Indian Village State Historic Site: Archeological area near Bismarck. Interpretive signs tell the history of the village.


  • Scandinavian Heritage Park: Outdoor park that celebrates the heritage and history of all five Scandinavian countries.

Pick City

  • Lake Sakakawea State Park: Enjoy beautiful views of the large lake.


  • Geographical Center of North America Monument: Fun little quirky roadside stop that places you in the center of North America.
  • Northern Lights Tower and Interpretive Center: Tower and center dedicated to the unique and beautiful Northern Lights.


  • World’s Largest Sandhill Crane: Another fun roadside oddity. They like their large roadside attractions in this state.


  • Welk Homestead State Historic Site: Home and farm of the legendary Lawrence Welk.

Turtle Lake

  • Rusty, the Two-Ton Turtle: Huge “rusty” turtle sculpture.


  • David Thompson State Historic Site: Dedicated to the famous explorer and fur trader.


  • Fort Mandan: Site where the Lewis and Clark Expedition spent a winter.
  • Cross Ranch State Park: Beautiful park located along the Missouri River.
  • Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center: This small museum details out the time the expedition spent in North Dakota.


  • Beaver Lake State Park: Secluded outdoor setting nestled among the prairie.

All attractions found in the 2020 North Dakota Travel Guide.


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