Nebraska Bucket List ~ Southeast Region

Today we move to the Southeast corner of Nebraska, which contains the state capitol of Lincoln. There is a fair amount of things that sound interesting to me in this region!


  • Eugene T. Mahony State Park: Great place to hike just outside the Omaha metro area.


  • Homestead National Monument: National Park site that commemorates the Homestead Act.


  • Meriwether Lewis Dredge and Missouri River History Museum: One of a few left of it’s kind of a an example built to improve flooding conditions along the river.


  • Nebraska State Capitol: One of the top three tallest capitol buildings in the United States.
  • Pioneer Park Nature Center: Contains 8 miles of trains through woodland, prairies, and wetlands.


  • Platte River State Park: Forested park located between Lincoln and Omaha. This park is located near the river and has some unique water features.

Nebraska City

  • Arbor Lodge State Historical Park: Former estate of the founder of Arbor Day.
  • Missouri River Basin Lewis and Clark Interpretive Trail and Visitor Center: Contains exhibits on the plants, animals, and other scientific discoveries made during the expedition.


  • Indian Cave State Park: Provides exceptional hiking and also camping.

All attractions found on


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