Wyoming Bucket List ~ Parks to Parks Region

Today we embark on the final Wyoming Bucket List region: Parks to Parks. From here we will head into Nebraska! I will take a short hiatus from the blog Dec 23-Jan 3 to celebrate the holiday, but will jump right back in with my own state of South Dakota on Jan 4th! But enough about that! On to our final Wyoming region!


  • Independence Rock State Historic Site: Part of pioneering history, over 5000 names are carved into this rock.
  • Mormon Handcart Historic Sites: Several sites commemorate the Mormons who traveled to the area by handcart.


  • Fort Caspar Museum and Historic Site: Old military post in Wyoming.
  • National Historic Trails Interpretive Center: Tells the history of several historic trails that converged in this area.


  • Cheyenne Depot Museum: Railroad museum located inside the old depot.
  • Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum: Museum that celebrates the Old West and the sport of rodeo.
  • Wyoming State Capitol: Of course this a must for us as we have hopes to visit each state capitol building one day.
  • Wyoming State Museum: Learn all about the history of Wyoming.


  • Camp Douglas Officers’ Club State Historic Site: This was the site of an Italian and German POW camp during WWII. All other POW camps in the state were satellites of this location.
  • Fort Fetterman State Historic Site: Wooden fort constructed by the US army in Dakota Territory.
  • Ayres Natural Bridge: One of Wyoming’s first tourist attractions, this is just one of three natural bridges in the US that has water running beneath it.

Fort Laramie

  • Fort Laramie National Historic Site: Significant trading post during the 19th century.


  • Oregon Trail Ruts: View deep wagon ruts from the Oregon Trail.
  • Register Cliff: Sandstone cliff navigational landmark along the trail where many emigrants chiseled their names.


  • Legend Rock Petroglyph Historic Site: View hundreds of petroglyphs on rock.
  • Hot Springs State Park: Explore the various hot springs that flow in the area.
  • Wyoming Dinosaur Center: One of few dinosaur centers to be within driving distance of excavation sites!

All attractions can be found in the 2020 Wyoming Travel Guide.


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