Nicolett Tower ~ Sisseton, South Dakota

Living out in rural South Dakota, there’s not always a ton of options for quick side trip outings as we aren’t near what many would consider “tourist” areas. However, this fall, we were able to sneak in a little side trip about an hour north of us to visit Nicolett Tower in the Sisseton Hills area and take in some of the fall colors.

The tower has a small parking lot and does have an interpretive center, but that building was closed during our visit due to Covid-19.

As you can see from the photo, the tower has three main viewing decks, each at a higher level. It’s a relatively short climb to the top, but the views are pretty great, especially if you come when the fall colors are appearing like we did!

While this certainly isn’t an attraction that I would suggest making a detour for, it provided us with some fun entertainment after being holed up in our house most of the year, let us take in some of the fall colors, and gave us a nice change of scenery from the flat farmland near us! It’s worth a stop if you are passing through the area!

We obviously haven’t been active on it lately as our travels have been few and far between, but don’t forget you can still follow us at sitesandbitejournal on Instagram and of course as always sign up for e-mail updates from the blog. I have one more close by trip to share and will be going to town on Bucket List posts as well!


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