A Summer Glamping Trip

This past year has been crazy! Especially crazy for someone who had a hobby of writing a travel blog, because quite frankly, we haven’t really been able to travel much at all this year! 

I tried to keep up just with writing bucket list posts (and I do plan to get back in that habit), but it got tiring writing about all the places I wanted to go, and couldn’t! But my fee is up for my blog, so now seemed as good of time as any to hop back to it and put that fee to work! Ha!

So I will be headed back into finishing my Wyoming Bucket Lists this week, but did want to intersperse in a few things we got around to doing this summer and fall! 

The camp I grew up attending as a kid, and where my family still has a cottage time share, was unable to have their normal youth camp programming this year. This meant their outdoor “villages” were going to be left unused. But then they got creative! They let family units rent out these villages for “glamping.” If you are unfamiliar with that term, glamping is a lot like camping, but with several nice amenity perks involved. For us during our week at camp, it meant a nicer shelter than a tent, meals provided in their dining hall, access to their many activities, and the shower house!

Our stay took place in their Treehouse Village. Here’s a photo!


We absolutely loved out time out in nature! We actually stayed in the smaller unit on the right. We slept in the upper portion which had a set of bunks, of which we actually moved mattresses to the floor as they were a little creaky anytime one of us rolled over! The lower portion also had another bunk set, but that’s where we kept our clothing and all our gear. The shower house was just a quick walk away which was handy as we always showered in the morning and evening. We did have quite a hike into main camp for meals, but check out this food! It was so worth it! And it was in their brand new community center they just built as an update from the old dining hall!

Main camp was also where most of our activities were. Since we went in July, we spent time at the beach almost every day. Our routine usually went something like this: Wake up, shower, grab breakfast, disc golf, go back and change into swim gear and grab our beach chairs and supplies, read by the beach, maybe kayak or play shuffleboard, have lunch, spend time at the beach, read, go back and change, disc golf, have dinner, disc golf, go to devotions, head back to the village, shower, hang out, sleep. It was a pretty cush life for the week!

It was so hot the week we were there that we didn’t often feel like enjoying a camp fire at our treehouse, but towards the end of our stay we did enjoy a few. We had nearly perfect weather all week long (minus one scary night of severe storms in our treehouse), so overall we can’t complain!

2020 may have taken a lot of travel opportunities from us this year, but it also opened the door to one amazing once-in-a-lifetime glamping trip that we will forever cherish! Thanks so much to Camp Luther for making this a possibility and bringing some joy to our summer!


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