Wyoming Bucket List ~ Rockies to Tetons Region

Moving on to the mountainous region of Wyoming today!


  • Ames Monument: Large pyramid dedicated to two brothers who helped fund the Union Pacific railroad.


  • National Bighorn Sheep Interpretive Center: Learn all about the habitat of the current largest herd of Bighorn sheep.

Fort Fred

  • Fort Fred Steele State Historic Site: Built to protect the Union Pacific Railroad from the Native Americans during its construction.


  • Museum of the American West: Museum dedicated to those who helped shape the American frontier, complete with a Pioneer Village.


  • Women’s History House: Museum dedicated to 13 famous women from the state.
  • Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historic Site: Former federal government prison.


  • Wyoming Frontier Prison Museum: Take a guided tour of this old prison.


  • Castle Gardens Recreation Site: See the petroglyphs carved on Castle Rock.

All attractions found in the 2020 Wyoming Travel Guide.


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