Wyoming Bucket List ~ Salt to Stone Region

Sorry all! I took a slight break from this last week, and will be again next week (we are finally getting away to the Northwoods of Wisconsin next week!) Today we move into the Salt to Stone region of Wyoming!


  • Piedmont Charcoal Kilns Historic Site: Neat site featuring the old kilns of the charcoal industry.

Fort Bridger

  • Fort Bridger State Historic Site: Began as a fur trading post and was a place for many to stock up along the wagon trails.


  • Granger Stage Station Historic Site: Site dedicated to this spot along the Pony Express.


  • National Museum of Wildlife Art: Fun museum that is dedicated to all wildlife art.


  • Fossil Butte National Monument: Great place to do some hiking while learning about paleontology and geology.

La Barge

  • Names Hill State Historic Site: Site along the Oregon/California Trails where people would carve their names.


  • Museum of the Mountain Man: Museum dedicated to the mountain men who explore the area in the 19th century.

Point of Rocks

  • Point of Rocks Stage Station Historic Site: Meeting point of the Overland Trail and Union Pacific Railroad.

Rock Springs

  • White Mountain Petroglyphs: Hike along hundreds of petroglyphs carved into the mountain.
  • Killpecker Sand Dunes: Explore a beautiful dune area.


  • Superior Ghost Town: Visit this “living” ghost town.


  • Flaming Gorge Recreation Area: Located on the border of Wyoming and Utah, this area has lots of adventure to offer.

All attractions found in the 2020 Wyoming Travel Guide. 


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