Montana Bucket List ~ Glacier Country Region

Today we move to the final region of Montana, and the only area of the state I’ve ever visited. We spent a week at Glacier National Park back in 2014 and I can’t wait to return someday! The next time we visit, we hope to wait until later summer so the whole main road will be open! Following this bucket list series, we will move into Idaho next!


  • Garden of One Thousand Buddhas: Spiritual site within the Flathead Indian Reservation.


  • Ninepipe Museum of Early Montana: Learn all about the early state history and the settlers of the area.
  • Ninepipe National Wildlife Refuge: Great place along a lake to view wildlife.

Cleanwater Junction

  • Hefty Hereford: Check out this unique roadside attraction!


  • Painted Rocks State Park: Park named for the unique colors found in the rock formations.


  • Savenac Nursery: Visit one of the oldest forest tree nurseries.


  • Kootenai Falls: Beautiful free flowing falls located just off the highway and visible from a swinging bridge.


  • Mount Sentinel: Hike the ‘M’ that overlooks the University of Montana.
  • Smokejumper Visitor Center: Home to the largest smokejumper base in the nation, this offers visitors a glimpse into the lives and work of this demanding job.


  • Kerr Dam: View a large concrete gravity arch dam.

West Glacier

  • Glacier National Park: Of course the gem of the region, this park is huge and needs multiple visits to be explored fully.

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