Montana Bucket List ~ Southwest Region

As we head to the more mountainous region of Montana, our bucket list options grow longer! Here’s what the Southwest has to offer.


  • Anaconda Smoke Stack State Park: Check out the old Anaconda Copper Company Smelter Stack, one of the largest free standing brick structures in the world.
  • Lost Creek State Park: Features beautiful cliffs and a waterfall.


  • Granite Mountain Memorial Overlook: Overlook that tells the story of the Spectacular Fire Disaster.
  • Old Lexington Stamp Mill and Gardens: This garden was the historic site of many things that made Butte the town it is today.
  • Ringing Rocks Point of Interest: This rocks make a chiming noise when struck with a hammer.

Deer Lodge

  • Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site: Commemorates the Western cattle industry.


  • Bannack Ghost Town State Park: Site of an old mining town with several buildings that can be explored.
  • Clark’s Lookout State Park: Encompasses a hill William Clark climbed during the expedition that over looks the Beaverhead River.


  • Lewis and Clark: The Montana Experience: Learn about 19 sites Lewis and Clark explored throughout Montana.
  • Montana Historical Society: Museum detailing the history of the state.
  • Montana State Capitol: Another state capitol to check off our list!

Jefferson City

  • Tizer Botanic Gardens and Arboretum: Beautiful gardens filled with native Montana plants.


  • Norris Hot Springs: Come soak in the hot spring fed pool.


  • Granite Ghost Town State Park: Showcases the remains of a silver boomtown.


  • Crimson Bluffs: Unique rock formation along the Missouri River that was recorded by Lewis during the expedition.


  • Big Hole National Battlefield: Preserves a Nez Perce War Battlefield.

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