Montana Bucket List ~ Southeast Region

Today we head into the Southeast region of Montana. I was pleasantly surprised by the large number of parks and hiking opportunities that are located in this area!


  • Four Dances Recreation Area: Explore some trails through the grassland along the rocky outcroppings along the river.
  • Pictograph Cave State Park: This area includes three caves.
  • Pompeys Pillar National Monument: Contains the only remaining onsite evidence of the Lewis and Clark Expediton.
  • Zoo Montana: Visit Montana’s only zoo.


  • Reynolds Battlefield National Monument: Site of a battle that led up to the well known Battle of Little Bighorn.

Crow Agency

  • Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument: Location of the famous battle between Custer and Crazy Horse.


  • Medicine Rocks State Park: Park filled with unique rock formations.

Fort Smith

  • Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area: Beautiful canyon area that straddles the Montana/Wyoming border.


  • Custer Battlefield Museum: This museum sits on the site of Sitting Bull’s camp.


  • Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum: I’ve heard fantastic things about this museum and am very eager to visit.
  • Makoshika State Park: Site contains the Montana badlands and remains of fossils.


  • Canyon Creek Battlefield Monument: Monument marks the locatoin of a battle between the Nez Perce and US Calvary.

Miles City

  • Strawberry Hill Recreation Area: Provides hiking along unique rock formations and views of the Yellowstone Valley.


  • Chief Plenty Coups State Park: Visit the home of Chief Plenty Coups who helped bridge the gap between two cultures.

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