Montana Bucket List~ Central Region

After a few days worth of posts about the regions of Alaska, we are now back in the lower 48 to stay! Today we start covering the vast expanse of Montana, beginning in the central portion of the state.


  • Sluice Boxes State Park: This beautiful park also contains the remains of mines and railroads.


  • Tower Rock State Park: This park features the centerpiece rock formation of Tower Rock and the start of the Missouri River Canyon area.

Fort Benton

  • Museum of the Upper Missouri: Covers the history of the upper Missouri and the role Fort Benton played as a trading and military post.
  • Upper Missouri River Breaks Interpretive Center and National Monument: Details about the areas bluff cliffs and the wildlife that lives there.

Great Falls

  • First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park: Visit one of the largest buffalo jump sites in the nation.
  • Giant Springs State Park: Home to the world’s largest freshwater spring.
  • Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center: Exhibits about the expedition and walking paths to enjoy.


  • Judith Gap Wind Farm/Energy Center: Explore the wonder of a giant wind farm.


  • Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex: Great place to explore the natural area of the region and its wildlife.

All attractions found on 


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