Oregon Bucket List ~ Southern Region

Hey there everybody! I’m finally back at the bucket list posts! I had to take a week or so to mourn the fact that we weren’t actually getting to do our March travels that would have allowed for some more personal posts about our travels, and the fact that our May trip is looking pretty grim as well! Hoping we can reschedule some trips later in the year!  But for now I’m back at the lists, and we will see how long I can keep it going before I run out of travel guides that haven’t made it to our house yet! As of right now, (with a break for Easter even though Easter is far from normal this year), we will have content out for Oregon, Washington, and Alaska that will take us through the start of May!

Today as we continue into the second region of Oregon, we will focus on the Southern Region.

Cave Junction

  • Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve: Take a fun tour to explore this cave.

Fort Rock

  • Fort Rock State Park: Explore the tuft ring that is all that remains of this old volcano.


  • Colliding Rivers Viewpoint: Enjoy a stunning natural site.

Klamath Falls

  • Crater Lake National Park: Explore the beauty of this stunning lake.


  • Summer Lake Hot Springs: Enjoy a hot soak in the 1920s bathhouse.


  • Wildlife Safari: Enjoy a wildlife safari in this drive thru park.

All attractions found in the 2019 Oregon and Southern Oregon Visitor Guides.


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