Arizona Bucket List ~ West Coast Region

Greetings all! Today we enter into our final bucket list region for Arizona. I will be taking a few days break following this, as we will be traveling for a church workers conference over the next few days, but will be back next Monday with the start of our California Bucket List series! If I am remembering correctly, California has 12 regions to explore, so it will last us just over 2 weeks worth of my 5 weekly posts! I still won’t have any new actual travel experiences of our own, as most of our meals will be provided for us at the conference and we are staying at the same hotel in Sioux Falls that we did the last time we stayed!

It’s interesting to me that Arizona has a region labeled “west coast” since they aren’t technically on a “coast”, but they have so much to do along the river that borders the western edge of the state, they give it a region of it’s own. This is probably actually my shortest list for the state, but it still has some unique fun things to explore!


  • Arizona Powerhouse Route 66 Museum: This museum details the history of the great Mother Road and is located in the town’s historic powerhouse.

Lake Havasu City

  • Lake Havasu State Park: Located on the shore of beautiful Lake Havasu, this park has something for all water lovers and several miles of hiking trails.
  • London Bridge: This bridge links an island in the middle of the Colorado River to the city of Lake Havasu. The bridge originally spanned the River Thames in London, and was bought, deconstructed, and then reconstructed at its current location.
  • Miniature Lighthouses: Lake Havasu City is home to several scaled replicas of lighthouses located throughout the country.

Peach Springs

  • Grand Canyon West-Skywalk: A chance to explore the western portion of the Grand Canyon, especially the newer famed see through skywalk!


  • Poston Memorial Monument: The monument marks the locations of a WWII Japanese Internment Camp.


  • Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park: Tour the site of the old territorial prison.

All attractions found in the 2019 Arizona Travel Guide.


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