Lucky’s 13 Pub ~ Spearfish, South Dakota

While on vacation, we find we almost never can go wrong checking out a pub. Pub food always seems to be good food. Lucky’s 13 was no different! We did partially decide to check it out due to raving reviews from Andrew’s family after they visited the Bismarck, North Dakota location. Turns out there are quite a few of these spread throughout the Dakotas and Minnesota!

Lucky’s 13 in Spearfish is located in a newer development north of town attached to a hotel and conference center. Our GPS guided us to a bank parking lot that I think it assumed was attached to Lucky’s lot, but we actually had to drive back around and further up the hill to access it.

The parking lot was pretty full when we arrived, as it shares the lot with the hotel and conference center. We actually had to park closer to the hotel, but the restaurant itself was dead when we got there for an early dinner.

There were so many tasty looking options on the menu, but I just couldn’t pass up the Jumbo Pretzel. I’m not a fan of mustard so just asked for a double portion of cheese dip.


The pretzel ran me $10, but as you can see, it was HUGE! Plus they gave me more than enough cheese for dipping purposes. I actually had extra pretzel to take home with me!

Andrew opted for the Cheese Curd Mac & Cheese, and then did an extra side of curds so that I could try them as well. It was a very cheese filled meal, completely appropriate for a Wisconsin girl like me!


Again you can see the portion was huge! The cheese curds were super tasty and Andrew really enjoyed his Mac and Cheese, although determined that in the future he would just do the standard Mac and Cheese, as it’s cheesy enough without the cheese curds.

We got our food relatively quickly as we were there early, but after we were eating the place started to fill up more as it seemed the conference being held at the conference center next door was wrapping up.

I highly recommend the food at Lucky’s 13 Pub and am guessing any of their locations would be well worth a visit!

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