Dickey’s Barbecue Pit ~ Rapid City, South Dakota

Before we left town for Spearfish, we decided to grab lunch at a barbecue place I had stumbled upon in the mall a few days before. It also appears that they used to have a location on one of the main strips, but that doesn’t seem to be open anymore, at least not during our visit in September. Dickey’s Barbecue is actually a chain that has locations in nearly every state, but surprisingly, this is the first one we stumbled upon!

This particular Dickey’s Barbecue is located adjacent to the food court in the Rushmore Mall, but has it’s own seating (and they also cater!) You order at the counter, where they slice your meat option right in front of you, add your sides to the tray, and then you pay and take it to your table.

Andrew and I both ordered the brisket platter, I got mine with mashed potatoes and a side of waffle fries.

Andrew opted to get sides of beans and mac and cheese.


They did offer a few kinds of sauces, and will provide you with a cup when you pay of whatever selection you would like. We did notice a bit later that they also have dispensers located by the drink machine!

We love our barbecue, and in our opinion Dickey’s is good for barbecue in a hurry. It’s slightly better than getting fast food from a normal fast food joint, but quite pricey for the quality of barbecue.  If I didn’t have to tightly budget, I’d visit again, but also think other places would be more worth my money.

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