Firehouse Brewing Company ~ Rapid City, South Dakota

Following our “failed” hike at Bear Butte State Park, we drove back into Rapid City for dinner. Many people have talked up Firehouse Brewing to us before, so we figured we’d give it a shot. Firehouse Brewing is located right downtown in an old firehouse. The decor reflects the building’s history and I loved all the fire patches that have been given to the restaurant over time.

For our meal, I chose to order the Battalion Brisket. This included brisket and queso in between two slices of sourdough.


While it wasn’t bad, I wasn’t sure why everyone raved about the place. Queso cheese and brisket are two unique flavors that probably shouldn’t be mixed together!


Andrew tried the Bacon Cheddar Burger and decided to get the Mac and Cheese Bites as a side. Again, he enjoyed it but it wasn’t anything to write home about. Just your standard restaurant burger.

They also had a few BBQ sauces to choose from on the table. Normally, I would have added some to my brisket, but with having the queso on there, that was already more than enough flavor to mix together, that I didn’t actually add anymore!


Following our meal, we stopped by Firehouse Wine Cellars next door to sample a few of their wines. There you pay by the sample, so choose wisely! I did end up picking up one bottle of dessert wine, but most of their wines were to dry for my liking!

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