Nevada Bucket List ~ Burner Byway

Today’s Nevada roadtrip takes us a long the Burner Byway, named for it’s gateway to the annual Burning Man festivities that take place in the Black Rock Desert at the end of the road. Our journey begins in Reno and then heads north towards the famed desert.


  • National Automobile Museum: Known as one of America’s top ten automobile museums, this looks like a car museum I actually could enjoy!
  • Nevada Museum of Art: This looks to be a funky art museum and those are the kind I enjoy!
  • Reno Playa Art Park: This area contains larger than life art that once stood in the Black Desert during the Burning Man Event.


  • Pyramid Lake: This lesser known lake has beauty compare to Lake Tahoe. Sure to stun all who visit with far less visitors!


  • Guru Road AKA “Dooby Lane”: Using the desert elements to inspire art, don’t miss these funky roadside attractions.

All attractions found in the 2019 Nevada Travel Guide.



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