Sweet Treats ~ Rapid City, South Dakota

As you may know if you’ve been following our blog for awhile, every fall, rev sitesandbites has to attend a pastors conference in Rapid City, and wives and families are more than encouraged to tag along. This year we decided to take a bonus vacation day on the end of the conference since it seemed silly for Andrew to get back for one day of work during the week.

Our first day there, we decided we needed a sweet treat after the worship service, so we found a new joint in town called, Sweet Treats. It’s located just off the interstate on one of the major roads going through town, next to the Papa John’s.

We went with another pastor friends of Andrew’s. It’s clear the place had just opened not that long ago, as they were currently offering self-serve frozen yogurt with several toppings, but also had a display were normal ice cream and candies would be placed at a future date so that they could truly live up do their name and offer more than one type of “treat.”


As you can see, in my typical fashion, I went for all things chocolate. What I like about places like this is everything you get is truly your own creation. You also pay by the pound so don’t load up too quickly unless you want a giant bill at the end!

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