Nevada Bucket List ~ The Rubies Route

Today’s Nevada journey takes us along the Rubies Route. To do this, the best suggestion they have is to make your basecamp in Elko (also located on the Cowboy Corridor), and explore to the north, south, and east of there. So for this route I will be going back to my alphabetical lists since Elko is the basecamp and these sites can be visited by spreading out from there!


  • Northeastern Nevada Museum: This museum provides insight into the history of the area.


  • Lamoille Canyon: This is the largest valley in the Ruby Mountains.

Ruby Valley

  • Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge: Great place to kayak and search for some of the 220 bird species that live in the area.

Spring Creek

  • South Fork State Recreation Area: Beautiful area to hike and take in stunning sunsets over the Ruby Mountains.


  • Angel Lake: Mountain lake that is said to steal the hearts of hikers and photographers.
  • Metropolis Ghost Town: This was once a town of 1000 that had a railway and newspaper!

All attractions found in the 2019 Nevada Travel Guide.


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