Nevada Bucket List ~ Cowboy Corridor

Hey everyone! Today we move into a new state for the bucket list series, Nevada. Nevada’s 2019 guide is split a little differently in that, instead of “regions,” it’s broken down into 10 different “roadtrips.” This means some cities will be featured in more than one list and also means instead of going alphabetically like I normally do with cities, this will be in the order you will find attractions along the route, which when you think about it is probably more accurate to how you’d want it if you really are traveling along the route.

Today’s Route takes us along I-80 or what the guide calls “Cowboy Corridor.” This is a 400 mile route that would take 5.75 hours to drive. It will take us from West Wendover all the way to Reno, since we are “entering” from our previous state of Utah.

West Wendover

  • Wendover Will: Will is a 63 foot Neon Cowboy welcoming you to the Cowboy Corridor.


  • California Trail Interpretive Center: This center teaches all about the pioneers who traveled along the California Trail.


  • Buckaroo Hall of Fame: Honors the areas “Legendary Buckaroos.”


  • Lovelock Courthouse: This is the nation’s last round courthouse and outside of it you can add your lock to the never ending chain in the name of love.


  • Reno Rodeo: This rodeo has been occurring for 100 years now. It takes place in June and offers a great glimpse into rodeo life.

All attractions found in the 2019 Nevada Travel Guide.


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