Mina Lake State Recreation Area ~ Mina, South Dakota

It feels very odd to be writing this as over a foot of snow gets pushed down the road from our latest blizzard, but today I’m writing about some time we spent on Mina Lake back in August when my parents visited us!

Mina Lake State Recreation Area is located just west of Aberdeen, so about 45 minutes from where we live. My parents love to kayak and paddleboard, so they brought their two kayaks and two paddleboards with them when they visited. This recreation area was not manned by a ranger when we visited, so you just had to stop and self-pay the fee and take the appropriate sticker to place in your vehicle.

The Mina Lake Recreation Area is split into two sections, one fork in the road will lead to the campground area, which also has a playground and designated swim area.

The second fork leads to the boat ramp which has it’s own parking lot. About halfway down the road there also is a very small parking area with a nature trail alongside it.

Our first stop was the boat ramp so that we could get our equipment out of the trailer and into the water. I’m a kayak person myself, while rev sitesandbites is more of a stand up paddleboard kind of guy.

We first went south of the boat ramp to see what the swim area looked like from out on the water. The swimming beach had a few families there as we paddled around the outside of the swim area. We also saw TONS of pretty blue dragonflies around that bend!


After that we turned back north and paddled around the shoreline to see some of the mini mansions that have replaced small lake cottages around the lake. We made it a little ways towards the bridge we came over the lake on and then turned back to the boat ramp to load things back up.

Before leaving, we also decided to hike along the nature trail. The trail has numbers along it to point out different plants, but there was no paper guide at the front to tell us what we were actually looking at. It’s a nice little hike, but nothing to get too excited about.

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