The Westin Tampa Waterside ~ Tampa, FL

Rev Sites and Bites here. This past July I traveled to Tampa, FL as a delegate to our church body convention. For the 7 nights that I was in Tampa, I stayed at the Westin Tampa Waterside. Since their were 1400+ participants taking part in this convention, we were all pre-assigned to hotels within walking distance of the Tampa Convention Center. Fortunately for myself, the Westin was very close and I could see the convention center from my room. The large four story building directly across from my room on the water was the convention center.

The room was very clean and well kept. The construction of the building was such that I could not hear any noise from the hallway. Their were no signs of any wear and tear on the carpet, nor any paint or wallpaper peeling. Overall a great room.

The breakfast that we had was catered by the hotel for our group. This breakfast of eggs and other standard breakfast meal items was delicious. We had the buffet option a few mornings and one morning the staff brought us the food at our tables. Either way, it was a delicious meal to get me going in the morning.

Though I lacked the time and attire to use it, I was impressed with the fitness area and amount of equipment offered.


The pool area was impressive and looked out on one of the waterways that connected to Tampa Bay. The pool was close enough to the water to see boats docked along the waterway. It was a bit of a maze to find the pool, but the signs were well marked for the hunt. One had to go to the main elevator, go to the third floor, then exit the elevator and go down a hall to the private elevator to the pool. The hall was thankfully clearly marked with a sign and a mural of a person swimming to guide the way.

There were many great shops within walking distance of the hotel as well as access to the Tampa Trolley just across the bridge that gave easy access to downtown Tampa.

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