Guild Wurst Tavern ~ Coralville, Iowa

While visiting friends in the Iowa City area, they offered to take us out to a newer restaurant in the area: Guild Wurst Tavern. Guild Wurst Tavern is located on the Coralville Strip and is so much cooler than it looks on the outside!

Guild Wurst Tavern is also home to the Boot ‘N Flute Brewery and the inside is completly done up like an old German Tavern. They also have lots of unique art for sale on their walls.

Andrew and I aren’t beer drinkers, so we didn’t indulge in any of their home brews, but rather looked further into the food on the menu. I opted to go for their pretzel rolls which were served with beer cheese sauce and Andrew went with the grilled cheese with Gouda and Cheddar. He also opted to add bacon to his sandwich and had a side of beans.

My pretzels rolls were super tasty and so much bigger than I was expecting! These five rolls quickly filled me up and the beer cheese sauce was superb! Andrew also really enjoyed his grilled cheese and bacon sandwich and said the beans were top notch as well! It’s probably a good thing we no longer live in the Iowa City area, because otherwise we would probably come here all the time!

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