Dunnings Springs ~ Decorah, Iowa

Dunnings Springs is a beautiful little park in Decorah, Iowa. This visit brought an interesting adventure though!

You can usually access Dunnings Springs my turning into their park road and parking along it. On this particular visit, (when we were already trying to beat a nasty storm approaching,) we had to park across the way from the main park road as it was blocked off. That was just fine as it really is a short walk up the park road.

As we got out of our car, we quickly realized why as we could already hear the water rushing in the creek. I assumed it was far too wet to park along the areas that you normally could. This was part of it, but they also were doing work on the pedestrian bridge in the park and they needed space for their work vehicles. My guess is the bridge needed some help due to the huge amount of water the springs were putting out this year!


Like many visits before, we snagged some photos from down below the springs, but unfortunately due to the bridge work, couldn’t climb any higher on the other side to get upper level photos seeing as how they were working on the bridge! No matter what it was a fun time as that’s the most water I’ve ever seen at the springs!

If you are ever in the area, definitely visit this picturesque spot! It’s a must visit in the area!

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