Green Giant Statue Park ~Blue Earth, Minnesota

Near the end of July, we had to make a short trip to the Quad Cities area and decided to make Austin, Minnesota our first stop along the journey. While en route to Austin, I remembered that I’d read you could see the Jolly Green Giant just off of I-90, so we decided to pay him a visit.

You can find the Green Giant in the aptly named Green Giant Statue Park behind the Dairy Queen in Blue Earth.  There is a small parking lot located beside newly built visitor center that houses a small museum dedicated to Jolly Green which was sadly already closed upon our visit.


As you can see, a visit to the Green Giant also allows you to view his little buddy, Little Green Sprout. Can he get any cuter?


Another feature of the Green Giant himself is that you can stand beneath him in his shadow for a fun photo opportunity.


There is also a small information sign that details the history of how Green Giant came to be in this location and how he also receives a scarf to wear every winter, as the Minnesota winters can be quite harsh!

We had fun at this quirky stop off. It was great to quickly stretch out legs and seemed to be well visited and maintained. Two other families stopped off as we were leaving. I’d love to return again when the museum is open to see what other kinds of memorabilia they own.

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