Olde Bank N’ Cafe ~ Groton, South Dakota

Today we feature a local place on our travel blog. We live in a small town of 1500, so restaurant options are hard to come by, but the Olde Bank N’ Cafe is a real gem. Granted we do personally know the owner, so that does make us a little bias I suppose, but the food can’t be beat!

We’ve been in a few times since moving here 10 months ago, but our most recent visit was just after our final April blizzard. I was surprised they were still open as many places in town weren’t following the storm, but seeing as how they have a different menu every day posted to FB and they finally were having the French Dip I always miss out on, we decided to put on all our winter gear and trek the quarter mile over.

Despite the recent snowstorm, the place was still busy. We got there a little late in the lunch hour, so they only had one French Dip left and a few 4 Chicken Tortellini left. We decided to go with one of each as they both sounded amazing.

Our food came out very quick and we both were pleased with both options, as we always are whenever we visit.

I highly suggest stopping by the Olde Bank N’ Cafe if you ever are in the northeast corner of South Dakota. It’s quaint location and great food make for a great lunch experience. Keep in mind that they are only open from 9am-2pm Monday through Friday!

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