Cattleman’s Club Steakhouse ~ Pierre, South Dakota

While in Pierre for our spring pastor’s conference, another pastor family we know invited us to join them for dinner at Cattleman’s Club Steakhouse. They claimed it was the best restaurant in town and quite possibly the best steak you’d find in the state. After dining there, I can’t say that they were wrong. It was absolutely delicious.

Cattleman’s Club is located quite a ways outside of town, but along the main highway that runs southeast of town. It is located in a nice looking building just opposite the river side of the highway, so you can get a beautiful view of the river while you dine.

The thing that makes dining at Cattleman’s so interesting is that the concrete floor is covered in sawdust shavings to give it a unique “barn” feel while you dine. We were there just before the diner rush which allowed us to get a big enough table to hold the 7 of us in the group.

The menu is filled with all sorts of tasty options, but of course, being we were at a steakhouse we both went with an 8 oz. Top Sirloin and decided to try their unique Buffalo Chips side.


My steak was done perfectly to medium perfection as I had asked. This steak was so flavorful on it’s own and would honestly be ruined if you dared to add anything to it! Why ruin something that is perfectly done and flavorful enough straight off the grill? The buffalo chips were super tasty! I’m not sure what kind of seasoning mixture they have on them, but it is perfection! I finished off every single bite on my plate and didn’t regret it for a second!

Any time we revisit Pierre, we plan to revisit Cattleman’s. You do have to wait a little bit for your food to cook, but it is so worth the wait, and the price is on point for a steakhouse.

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