Minneapolis Sculpture Garden ~ Minneapolis, Minnesota

My main reason for wanting to visit the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden was to finally be able to check out the famous Spoonbridge Cherry that the city is so well known for. The Garden was recently revitalized (along with the Science Center and state capitol, seriously, half the town was being revitalized for several years and it made visiting iconic places a challenge!) The Sculpture Center was located next to the Walker Art Museum and you can park in their underground lot for a small fee. There also is a paid lot nearby, but we just parked on the road in a nearby neighborhood and walked to the park.


We started out viewing that famous spoon and cherry, I’m sure it looks far more impressive when the water below isn’t frozen and the sculpture can actually reflect into it, but it was still really neat. They even place some Adirondack chairs nearby so you can work yourself into a photo of Spoonbridge quite easily.

We came to quickly realize that it would be very easy to spend far more time in the sculpture garden than we originally thought. We made a fun game out of naming the sculptures as we approached them, and then checking to see if our original interpretation matched the name and description. You’d be surprised at how many we guessed rather close on!

One sculpture became quite an interactive experience as you could swing below it!


The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is also well known for it’s Blue Rooster sculpture.


Our other fun discovery was the Love sculpture that finds it’s way onto so many postage stamps!


Overall, I think we spent nearly an hour exploring the sculptures and had a great time! Even the pedestrian bridge across the busy highway is it’s own work of art. Sadly as we drove away, we noticed that their actually were several more sculptures located across the street from the main gardens up by the art center. So if you go, plan to explore those as well!

What do you think? Have you ever been to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden? If so, what was your favorite work of art?

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