New Mexico Bucket List ~ Northwest Region

Moving into the Northwest region of New Mexico today!


  • Aztec Ruins National Monument: Preserves Ancestral Puebloan structures.


  • Angel Peak Scenic Area: Features Angel Peak and colorful badlands.


  • Ship Rock Peak: Awesome peak rising from the desert plain.


  • Red Rock Park: Offers hiking among rust colored hills.


  • El Malpais National Monument: Lies among the lava fields.
  • New Mexico Mining Museum: Explore a replica uranium mine.


  • Chaco Culture National Historical Park: another chance to hike among Ancient Puebloans.


  • El Morro National Monument: few marks left on Inscription Rock.

Special Mention also goes out to the Four Corners Monument which actually has an Arizona address!

All attractions found in the 2019 New Mexico Travel Guide.


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