Red Savoy’s Pizza ~ Edina, Minnesota

Following all our activities at the Mall of America, we made our way over to our hotel for the next few days, Hampton Inn Bloomington West. We knew we’d be wanting a later dinner and figured we would find something nearby to our hotel. After settling in we realized we didn’t really feel like going out. I decided to head down to the front desk and ask what pizza places were located nearby that would do delivery. The clerk at the desk provided me with two different brochures and after looking through them, we decided to place an order with Red Savoy’s.

It was very simple to order on their website and after about 40 minutes, our pizza arrived at our hotel door.


I’m not usually a huge fan of thin crust pizza, but will say that this pizza easily makes it into my top 3 for thin crust pizzas. Something about the sauce just had a little kick to it that made it especially tasty. We ate through the entire small pizza in no time. I will definitely order from Red Savoy’s again if back in the area!

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