Wonders Ice Cream ~ Bloomington, Minnesota

Rolled Ice Cream? Who’d ever heard of such a thing? Certainly not me when I saw this crazy concept show up on my Pinterest months ago. I quickly saved it to the Minnesota board, unsure of when I would actually have the opportunity to try this novel idea. Turns out due to our quick change in spring break plans that pointed us toward the Twin Cities instead of Omaha, I didn’t have long to wait to try the new concept out.

Wonders Ice Cream has 8 locations mainly in and around the Twin Cities area, but also one in St. Cloud, MN and for some reason, one far south in Dallas, TX. We conveniently realized one of their Twin Cities locations was in the Mall of America, so we decided this would be one we could easily check out while at the mall anyways.

The Mall of America location is quite small. Just a few small bar stool areas to enjoy your ice cream and I believe maybe a small table or two as well. There is a small counter where you can place your order and then their work space area where you can watch them prepare your rolled ice cream.

The process of them preparing the rolled ice cream is detailed on their website.

“Our process begins with the “magic base”. We then add our unique flavors and blend it all together. After creating the ice cream base and flavor, we then pour it onto our ice grill and have the ice cream chill at -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Finally, we use our hibachi scrappers to mix the ingredients together and spread the ice cream into a thin layer. Your unique flavored ice cream is then ready to roll, in just two minutes.”

They offer 20 different “flavors” (Pre-designed sundaes is the more accurate description) or you can choose to design you own mix of goodies. One mix in is free with any of the ice cream choices you have to pick from. Andrew and I both did cookies and cream ice cream. He opted to have even more Oreos mixed in, while I went for the added choice of chocolate syrup.

It was so much fun to watch them “make” and roll our ice cream in front of us. However, attempting to eat the rolled concoction was a less fun adventure.


It turns out rolled ice cream is not exactly an easy thing to break down with a spoon. I found myself slightly tilting a roll toward myself and then biting off of it like a churro. As it started to get melty, it did get easily to break it down with a spoon, but since it is so compacted together when rolled, it does take awhile to even get melty.

I’m glad we gave Wonders a try as it’s certainly not your typical ice cream place, but I wouldn’t make a point to go back. I found the ice cream itself difficult to eat and the flavor wasn’t that exciting compared to anywhere else I could get ice cream.

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