Rock of Ages Blacklight Mini Golf ~ Bloomington, Minnesota

Following our time at the aquarium in the Mall of America, it was time to head back up to the third floor for round 2 of mini golf for the day! I had pulled off a win at Moose Mountain, but would Andrew be able to pull off a victory this time?

Rock of Ages is a blacklight mini golf that takes you through different decades of music. Fun musical obstacles give an added challenge to this course! The decades start in the 1950’s, the beginning of the Rock and Roll era as can be shown by the poodle skirt and jukebox artwork on the walls. When you hit your ball through the car, the engine would make revving noises, which added to the fun of many of their obstacles!


A few holes in we quickly moved to the 1960’s and 70’s, an era dominated by the Beatles, as shown by the awesome yellow submarine.


Although Andrew and I are both 90’s kids, we had to take a few pictures in the 80’s section as it held our favorites: Muppets and the Kool-aid Man.

We had a great round of golf at Rock of Ages, and Andrew did pull off a victory, so we were tied for the day in wins for mini golf. This course was much easy and lower scoring than Moose Mountain, but had the added fun of the blacklight. That’s not something you can find everywhere so it was worth a game!

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