Moose Mountain Adventure Golf ~ Bloomington, Minnesota

Our next destination at the Mall of America was Moose Mountain Adventure Golf, and round one of mini-golf for the day. Andrew and I had golfed here once before back when we visited the Mall on a date 8 years prior. Thankfully this time it was far less busy despite the mall heading into spring break mode.

Moose Mountain is located on the third floor, just across the way from Culinary on North, so it was easy to get to following our lunch at Melt Shop. Admission is 11.99 per person plus tax, and I believe the whole course cost us 26.50 to play just the two of us.

The first few holes you are already met with some interesting obstacles that play into the lumberjack/forest/cave/mountain theme.


They also play into the legend of Bigfoot quite well!


I love how well thought out all the holes are and the obstacles really do make it more of an adventure golf than your standard miniature golf.


Andrew started out strong in the front nine, but by the end, I managed to squeak by with a small victory as some of the obstacles really caught him towards the end. We really love this course, and I hope that it stays around in the mall for the years to come. Miniature golf courses seem to be harder and harder to come by these days and we really enjoy them!

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