Melt Shop~ Bloomington, Minnesota

Just last week, we took a mini vacation to the Twin Cities area. We left on a Thursday morning and decided the Mall of America would be our first stop. I’ve been to the Mall of America a few times before, once to explore Old Camp Snoopy (now Nickelodeon Universe) with my family, once on a date with Andrew where we enjoyed a round of mini-golf and window shopping, and twice as pit stops on band tour trips. This was our chance to really do it right and see and do everything we wanted. The Mall of America about 5 hours from our place, so by leaving in the morning, we would be able to make it there for a slightly later lunch.

Having looked at our dining options ahead of time, I decided that Melt Shop looked like a fun place to check out for lunch. Who can resist a good grilled cheese? It’s pretty unique that the Mall of America has a location seeing as how their only other locations are located in the NYC area.

The Mall of America has a fairly new food court area on the north side of the third floor called Culinary on North. This is also where the famed Shake Shack is located. The Melt Shop is located just across the way from Shake Shack. This new food court is supposed to have more of an upscale feel to it from standard food courts.

Since we were having a later lunch, there was no line when we ordered. I decided to go for the classic, while Andrew went for a maple bacon grilled cheese. We also decided to split in order of cheesy tots.

After placing your order, you receive a table buzzer so you can go sit while they prepare your food. It didn’t take too long before our buzzer went off and our food was bagged and ready to go.

As you can see, everything was a cheesy mess and incredibly warm. All of our food was super delicious, but even though it doesn’t look like much, I wasn’t able to finish my whole sandwich. I’m not sure the classic grilled cheese was all that exciting as it’s not that difficult to mess up a grilled cheese, but Andrew really enjoyed is and the tots were amazing!

I would definitely visit the melt shop again, maybe for dinner another time to try some of their chicken melts. I’d want to make sure I was super hungry to eat everything, or be in a better position to take my leftovers home with me. Since we were walking around the mall, I had to end up throwing the remains of mine.

This is only the tip of the iceberg in our Mall of America day adventure, so stay tuned for more.

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