Granite City ~ Sioux Falls, South Dakota

While in Sioux Falls for a pastor’s get together, Andrew and I decided to head to Granite City for dinner. We had considered going somewhere downtown, but after dealing with the crazy hoopla of finding a place to park the day before for lunch, we decided to go to Granite City near our hotel instead for dinner.

If you are into beer and breweries, Granite City is a great place to check out! Neither Andrew or I are into beer, but we were seated near a large board displaying their many options and also could view their big tanks used for brewing.

We got there before the dinner rush, which meant we nearly had the place to ourselves when we arrived, but it quickly was filling up as we were leaving. We decided to start ourselves off with an order of Pretzels and Beer cheese dip. They were very tasty and as you can see quite filling as we got a decent amount of pretzels!


I decided to order the boneless wings with fiery buffalo sauce. The wings were okay. They were made with real chicken, but sometimes the downside of real chicken is you have a lot more fatty chunks to deal with, and that’s always a big turn off for me. My sauce was also incredibly spicy and while I like spicy this was eye watering! When I asked for more water, I was even told this wasn’t even their spiciest sauce. I don’t even want to imagine what their spiciest sauce is like!


Andrew went for the Bedda Cheddar Burger, which came topped with bacon and shredded cheddar and looked absolutely amazing! He said it tasted amazing also! I also enjoyed a few of his fries which we done just right!


While I was disappointed with my chicken, I would definitely visit Granite City again in either Sioux Falls or one of their other locations, but next time would try one of their burgers instead. The atmosphere was cozy, our waitress was very attentive, and overall they have a great food selection.

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