Half Baked ~ Sioux Falls, South Dakota

While dining at Phillips Diner I happened to glance across the street and noticed a cute little shop called Half Baked. I quick google search while waiting for our meal helped us decide that we would grab some dessert there after our meal. Half Baked said they had a selection of cupcakes and ice cream and also was a coffee shop.

We knew that we would be taking our cupcakes to go as we were very full. We quickly crossed the street and were immediately struck by how cute the shop was inside. The disappointing thing was no one was to be found behind the counter. We could hear dishes clinking from their back room, but we waited a solid 5 minutes before anyone came to check on us. This seemed a little surprising as there were other guests enjoying coffee at several of the tables.

Once someone finally came back we each selected a cupcake to go. This was the second disappointing thing, they simply placed both our cupcakes in a small paper bag. Never before have I gone to a cupcake place to get them to go and have them placed in a bag rather than a box specifically designed for cupcakes.

As soon as we drove over to our hotel, we made sure to remove them from the bag so that they didn’t get smooshed together.

As you can see, I chose the double chocolate marshmallow. I don’t remember what Andrew ordered and only got a picture of mine.


I really did enjoy the cupcake. It was perfectly moist and the frosting didn’t take away fro the cake flavor, however, I wouldn’t see myself going back due to the disappointing service we received and their lack of take out containers.

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