Texas Bucket List ~ Piney Woods Region

Moving into our next Texas region, this region seems less typical of how Texas is imagine as it focuses on the wooded area of Texas.


  • Caddo Mounds State Historic Site: Site features old earth mounds.


  • Lone Star Monument and Historic Flag Park: Claims to be the birthplace of the Lone Star flag.


  • Patricia Huffman Smith NASA  Museum “Remembering Columbia”: Features the story of space exploration and all the flights the Columbia had.


  • Sam Houston Memorial Museum Complex: Features 8 historic buildings dealing with Sam Houston’s life.
  • Sam Houston Statue and Visitor Center: Tribute to the great Sam Houston.


  • Love’s Lookout Park: This park boasts a 35 mile view.


  • Caddo Lake State Park: This is the state’s only natural lake.


  • World’s Richest Acre Park: The greatest concentration of oil wells once lived on this acre.


  • Big Thicket National Preserve: Many ecosystems are preserved in this 15 unit park.


  • Texas Forestry Museum: Living up to the Piney Woods region, this museum focuses on the sawmill and paper mill industries of the area.


  • Northeast Texas Rural Heritage Center and Museum-Ezekiel Airship: A replica of an airship based on the Biblical book of Ezekiel resides here.
  • Witness Park and Prayer Tower: Peaceful park that displays a statue of Jesus washing Peter’s feet.


  • Footbridge Garden Park: Home to one of the nation’s longest footbridges.


  • Camp Ford Historical Park: Once a POW camp for Union soldiers during the Civil War.

All attractions found in the 2018 Texas Travel Guide.


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