Feltz Family Farms and Dairy Store ~ Stevens Point, Wisconsin

As you may remember from a previous post, growing up in Wisconsin I’m very partial to cheese shops, Dairy State Cheese in particular, as this is the place I grew up buying all my cheese and watching cheese be made, but in recent years, my parents have introduced me to another nearby dairy store, Feltz Family Farms.

The farm itself has been in the family for five generations, and now has two robots who help with the milking process. Within the store they have a viewing window into the barn where you can sometimes watch the milking process, but always be guaranteed a view of the cows!

The Dairy Store portion opened in 2017 and offers a variety of local goodies. One thing I like about their store, is that it’s not just cheese. You also can find a variety of local meats, olive oils, milk, and even enjoy some ice cream.

On our particular visit in December, we chose to also indulge in the fresh deep fried cheese curds they will offer. Simply ask at the counter and they will get an order going for you. They have a view tables inside where you can enjoy your curds, and if the weather is nice, there are also some benches outside the shop.


I loved the batter flavor on the curds, but I do prefer a smaller curd generally speaking as you get the perfect blend of batter and cheese. That being said though, they were still very delicious as most cheese curds are when deep fried.

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