Misty’s Menu ~ Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

A few days after Christmas found us visiting my parents in my hometown of Wisconsin Rapids. One morning they offered to take us out for an early brunch at Misty’s Menu.

Misty’s is a small little cafe located off one of the main highways in town. It’s clearly popular with the locals as we had to wait just a little bit for them to clear a table for the four of us. My mom told us they loved the Skillets but said you really couldn’t go wrong with anything.

I love a good sausage biscuits and gravy, so that’s what I went with. Andrew opted for the French toast and my parents each ordered a skillet.

Being in Wisconsin, my mom’s skillet was called Green and Gold and my dad went for the all meat option.

I feel like the pictures don’t give it full justice, but as you can see you get your choice of egg with the skillets, along with hash browns and then then other mix ins. In my dad’s case it was lots of meet and my mom’s had broccoli.

The food was all very filing and everyone except me had leftovers to take home. We definitely would not mind stopping by Misty’s when in the area again!

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