Louisiana Bucket List ~ Plantation Country

We spent a day in this region of Louisiana back in the Summer of 2016. We stopped through Baton Rouge on our way from New Orleans to Hot Springs, AR. It was a great way to check another state capitol off our list!

Baton Rouge

  • Capitol Park Museum: Located just south of the capitol building, this museum offered a great overview of the history and regions of the state.
  • Louisiana’s Old State Capitol: This looks like a small white castle and was very neat to visit. Parking was tough to come by, but it’s worth a stop in to get some history on the area.
  • Louisiana State House: This is the tallest state capitol building in the U.S. at 450 ft tall. You can get some great views from the observation deck!


  • Tickfaw State Park: This park allows you to stroll through 4 different ecosystems.


  • Laura Plantation-Louisiana’s Creole Heritage Site: Listed as the state’s top and most authentic plantation tour.

All attractions found in the 2018 Louisiana Travel Guide.


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