Pauly’s Pizzeria an Subs ~ Rapid City, South Dakota

After deciding we were too tired to venture out to a restaurant in Custer, SD, we opted to drive back into Rapid City near our hotel and check out this local pizza joint. It is located on the outskirts of town in a strip mall. This place looks  much nicer than half the other buildings around it.

Pauly’s is the kind of establishment where you order at the counter and then find a place to sit. I love pizza places like this that offer personal size pizzas as it allows both Andrew and I to order a pizza for ourselves. Pauly’s is also known for their Beer Wall, where you can be your own “Beertender” and pay by the ounce.


Our food was ready pretty quickly given we were there before the dinner rush. It did get a lot pizzeria as we enjoyed our dinner.


Our pizza’s were very delicious and we both had leftovers to take back to the hotel. We did enjoy them later that evening. That’s how good it was…we couldn’t even wait to eat the rest the next day!

Pauly’s may be located in an unsuspecting part of town, but it is well worth a visit.

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