Prairie Berry Winery ~ Hill City, South Dakota

“Red Ass Wine” that’s what half a dozen billboards read as we approached Hill City this past fall. We we revisiting the town of Hill City in the down time from Andrew’s conference. We’d enjoyed it so much a few summers ago with all the cute tourist shops the small town nestled in the Black Hills had to offer. Turns out when you visit in the off season, the town isn’t nearly as much fun. A vast majority of those cute shops are closed for the off season. So after taking 20 minutes to walk the main drag of Hill City we decided to turn back towards Rapid City, but stop off at the winery boasting the Red Ass Wine on the way to see what all the fuss was about.

The property for Prairie Berry Winery includes the winery and also a brewery, if wine is not your choice beverage. The setting is quite impressive and the winery is also home to a restaurant. Upon entering they asked if we were there to shop/taste or if we wanted to be seated in the dining room.


The shop itself is rustic, yet wide open. They have a long counter at the back where you can do your tastings. I was the only one tasting as wine is not Andrew’s favorite thing. I did get served next to another older couple who were new to the wine tasting experience, so I helped give them some tasting tips while being served.


As you can see, you are offered 5 choices from a fairly extensive wine list. After of course checking off the Red Ass Rhubarb, I also quickly checked off the strawberry as those tend to be my favorites. The other two sweet wines sounded intriguing as well, as I’d never tried in apple wine, nor a grape wine flavored with apple. As I final wild card, I chose the Poker Face (which was actually my first sample), as I’d also never heard of having a pear and pineapple wine.

It turns out Poker Face was my absolute favorite! The flavor was so unique I just knew I had to get a bottle! I also bought a bottle of strawberry and wanted to get the Red Ass, but Andrew limited me to just two. I’ll be back for more in future trips!

If you are at all a fruity wine drinker, I highly recommend stopping by Prairie Berry. They offer lots of unique fruit flavors that I haven’t found anywhere else.

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