Arkansas Bucket List ~ Lower Delta Region

The final region in our Arkansas Bucket List series is the Lower Delta region. This brings us to the southeast corner of Arkansas before heading into Louisiana. We briefly ducked down into this region on a day trip from Little Rock, and despite my bucket list for this area being shorter, I’m realizing we of course need to revisit the region.


  • Louisiana Purchase State Park: Boardwalk leads to the starting point of surveys for the Louisiana Purchase.


  • Arkansas Post National Memorial: This is the one place in the region we set out to visit for our National Park Passport. We had to the whole place to ourselves, but it was very neat to visit since the site dates back to the Revolutionary War.


  • Freedom Park: Details the African American experience of the Civil War.


  • Jerome Relocation Center Historic Marker: This was a relocation center for Japanese Americans during WWII and also a German POW camp.


  • World War II Japanese-American Internment Museum: Another interesting museum detailing the use of the area for internment camps.


  • Rohwer Relocation Center Cemetery: This internment camp was where George Takei and his family were interned for awhile. He narrates some of the exhibits located there today.

Star City

  • Cane Creek State Park: This is where the Coastal Plain meets the Mississippi.

All attractions found in the 2018 Arkansas Travel Guide.


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