Black Hills Bagel ~ Rapid City, South Dakota

As I was scrolling through photos for yesterday’s post, I discovered that I had nearly missed writing a quick post about the first place we tried for breakfast in Rapid City, Black Hills Bagel.

Black Hills Bagel has two locations in town. One is the main, sit down, location and the other is a small drive through stand located in another business parking lot. We opted to go to the main location, although getting out of the parking lot can prove a little tricky as it’s located on one of the main roads that runs through town.

Black Hills Bagel offers several different varieties of bagels and cream cheese, as well as some signature or build your own bagel sandwiches. We both opted to go for a chocolate chip bagel with regular cream cheese.


To me, the bagels had the perfect amount of cream cheese and were toasted just right. I wouldn’t say they were the most amazing thing I’ve ever eaten, but they were pretty darn good all the same!

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