Philly Ted’s Cheezesteaks ~ Rapid City, South Dakota

Our second night in Rapid City gave us a chance to branch out a try a local food joint. I had passed by Philly Ted’s earlier in the day and was craving a beef sandwich, so we thought we’d give it a go.

Philly Ted’s offers several different options for the Cheese Steak sandwiches (several of which were on a special menu located in the store, including some to go with each NFL sports team.) So has not to overwhelm ourselves with their many options, we opted for the standard cheezesteak, only instead of Whiz, we got pepperjack cheese.

We also realized that we were far better off getting a foot long to share rather than spend the money on two 6 inch meals. This also gave us a drink and side of fries to share, and was more than enough food for the two of us!

The sandwich itself was okay, although in my opinion it could have used a little more meat to offset how much bun there was. The fries were the highlight for me!

While it wasn’t the best meal I’ve ever eaten, I would go again to try some of their other specialty options, especially since they had our meal ready quickly and were extremely friendly and helpful when we were deciding what we wanted to try.

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