Memorial Park ~ Rapid City, South Dakota

The main reason I discovered Memorial Park while visiting Rapid City was that the newly finished Promenade was a useful way to get from the Holiday Inn by the Civic Center to the downtown area. I’d been given strange looks when I mentioned that’s how I planned to get to downtown, as some other wives in attendance at the conference warned me that some “low lifes” liked hanging around the park. In all honesty, I felt they were a little over paranoid. No I wouldn’t go wandering through the park after dark on my own (no one should really do that ever!), but as with any park in a larger city, there’s a good chance you may run into some homeless people, and odds are they probably won’t really pester you anyways. My expectations were what I found to be accurate. Don’t let paranoid people deter you from visiting! I would visit this park during the day as much as I pleased given it had so much to offer!

This is the promenade area of the park. I took these after reaching the downtown side so you can see the Civic Center in the distance. As you can see, it was safe as could be with lots of open spaces and walkways. The promenade passes over a creek and reservoir area closer to the Civic Center end with lots of benches around it to enjoy the view.

The park also offers several playground areas geared for different age groups. They seemed to be relatively new playgrounds, especially the cool interactive one I found. If you touched a certain spot things lit up and you had to follow the rules listed to play the interactive games.

As I said, the creek that runs through the park offered a beautiful view along the various walking trails through the park.

One other really neat thing about Memorial Park is that it features an exhibit on the Berlin Wall. Having seen the Berlin Wall in Europe before, I will say that this is not the most thrilling exhibit, but it does well to teach about the wall if you knew nothing about it previously. I thought I had a picture of the wall chunk itself, but it seems to have eluded my phone files! Either way the two bottom pictures are plaques attached to the wall portions.

The final interesting thing about Memorial Park was not exactly as interesting as it could have been for me, because the fountain had been drained due to it already being October in Rapid City. I wish I could have seen the fountain as the description of the Memorial Fountain was very interesting!


I loved spending time at Memorial Park and I’m sure families with kids would enjoy it even more. It would be a great place to bring a picnic, but also was a great way for me to get out of the hotel and just walk around outdoors for awhile since it was just across the parking lot. I highly recommend stopping by!

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