Arkansas Bucket List ~ Upper Delta

Another small bucket list region in Arkansas. This was the first region I ever was in for a basketball game in Arkansas, and I have to say, my first visit was not that thrilling! But there is a little bit I’d be interested in visiting in this area, despite it’s lack of outdoor appeal compared to other regions.


  • Sultana Disaster Museum: Museum dedicated to America’s largest maritime disaster.
  • Sultana Historic Marker: This marker honors the sinking of the Sultana.

Walnut Ridge

  • Beatles Sculpture: Sculpture commemorates the visit of the Beatles to the Rock n’ Roll Highway.
  • Guitar Walk: Giant guitar walkway that honors musicians that played along the nearby Rock n’ Roll Highway.
  • Parachute Inn: This gives you a chance to dine on an airplane without ever leaving the ground! Sounds like a neat experience!

All attractions found in the 2018 Arkansas Travel Guide.


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