Butterfly House and Aquarium ~ Sioux Falls, South Dakota

After visiting the zoo the afternoon before, I decided to use some free time I had while Andrew was in meetings the next morning to visit the Butterfly House and Aquarium. Many people had talked it up to me and since visiting Aquariums are one of my favorite things, I figured it was worth the shot.

Admission for adults to visit the Butterfly House is $11 and $8 for kids. I have to say, after visiting, that while I know they need the money to support their mission, it seems a bit over priced for the few exhibits they do have to offer.

You first enter into a room that has a few displays about Jellyfish and Butterfly Life Cycles. Then you enter into the cove. The coolest part about the cove area was the different touch tanks they have related to the Pacific Ocean. This gave me a chance to touch starfish, sea urchins, and my favorite…sea cucumbers.

They also had a few small tanks with different tropical fish.

In the middle of their aquarium area, they also have a touch tank with a sting ray, but he didn’t get close enough for me to actually touch him.


After this, it was time to head into the butterfly house. It was absolutely full of them!


The house isn’t that big, but they have several different areas you can sit and watch the butterflies flying about. This gave me plenty of chances to catch some beautiful photos of the butterflies.

They also have several feeding stations set up for the butterflies and it was neat to watch them enjoy a meal.

I got lucky enough to have a butterfly land on my purse at one point.


While in the butterfly house, I kept hearing the chirping of a bird. These small little quail were running about. They were quite difficult to catch in a photo, but I did get lucky in one shot!


Overall, I did enjoy my hour at the Butterfly House and Aquarium, although it was over priced in my opinion. I’m sure it would definitely be a hit with young children!

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