Falls Park ~ Sioux Falls, South Dakota

After spending a night in Sioux Falls a year and a half prior to this visit and having our plans to visit Falls Park foiled by rain, we finally were able to visit for the first time this past August.


Falls Park is located on the edge of the downtown area and while extremely beautiful to look at, also had a distinctly fishy smell about the whole area.

There are several paths you can walk along with several different viewing areas along the way.


The park also has an observation tower open during specific hours. This building is also where restrooms (accessed from the outside) and a gift shop. I believe even if the gift shop is closed, you can access the elevators and stairs to the top of the observation tower, but I may be remembering wrong.

The park also has a building that houses a cafe, but I believe it was only open for lunch hours and is just out of the shot in the photo above. It’s located just to the left of the pathway bridge.

After going to the top of the tower, we walked the path on the east side of the river for awhile. This led to a large area that was currently under construction and being revamped, but also was home to one of the many sculptures the downtown area has to offer.


We walked back the way we came and then went along the west side for a bit. There we were able to get some closer photos of the falls and unique structures left from days of old.

Falls Park was a beautiful park to visit, and as long as you don’t mind the fishy smell, you can easily spend several hours here taking in the beauty, walking the paths, and maybe even enjoying a picnic or lunch at their cafe.

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