Ghost Town Winery ~Watertown, South Dakota

On one of our first days off here in South Dakota, we decided to venture to a winery that my parent’s had stopped at after visiting us. Ghost Town Winery is located inside Watertown Confectionery in the downtown area. For a small tasting free, you can pick 5 wines to sample in a wine glass of your choosing (that you get to keep) and three of their chocolates that they make in house.


As you can see in the photo, they give you a list of all their wines and you can mark which ones you would like to taste. They also give you 5 tokens that you turn in each time you receive a sample. Each of their wines in named after a ghost town found in South Dakota. I choose to sample their Strawberry, Black Raspberry, Pink Moscato, Raspberry Dragonfruit, and Cherry Sangria. They all were quite good with the Cherry Sangria being my favorite. I wound up buying a bottle of that, as well as the Strawberry and Raspberry Dragonfruit. At the end of our tasting, they also let us sample a wine slush they had made. You can buy the slush mixes to take home and pair with your favorite of their wines.  Along with the wine, we also choose to buy some of their chocolates and homemade dog treats for our two pups.


We really enjoyed our visit to the winery. The lady working was super friendly and really seemed to care about us while chatting during the tasting. I highly recommend stopping by sometime. (Note: When you do be sure to search Watertown Confectionery to take you there on Google Maps instead of Ghost Town Winery. The results for just the winery will just take you to a liquor shop that sells the wines.) Thanks Ghost Town Winery! We will most definitely be back!

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